About R.S.L™

What is R.S.L™ (Real Stat Link)

R.S. L   this is URL Tracking system, which allows REAL link tracking, (without bots and other manipulations associated with “ winding up ”). This type of tracking is usually used in marketing to control, monitor and determine the effectiveness of marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. In other words, R.S.L tracking URL & ndash; this is tracking the number of clicks, clicks on links in real time, without cheating and fraud,


  • You post, both on your website and outside;
  • Send or post in letters;
  • added in messages and posts in social. networks;
  • related to advertisements and banners (PPC);
  • installed on various traffic sources.

Without tracking, it is impossible to determine where and where traffic is coming from, the effectiveness of certain sources, as well as the effectiveness of the advertising itself. The click-through counter is implemented using special functions or tools. R.S.L platform & nbsp; & ndash; it is a great link tracker for solving such problems.


How the tracking link works in R.S.L to FLASH.CLICK

  • After registering on our site, you create your link, which can be personalized under the name of your site or your product, in which you set up the necessary traffic distribution rules, transmitted parameters, received parameters, add landing pages and offers.
  • The system automatically generates a link to be copied.
  • Add the copied URL to your traffic source (banner, website, ad, etc.).

FLASH.CLICK not only tracks the number of clicks, but also makes it possible to transfer parameters from the traffic source to the tracker and even to the offer side and affiliate network.

When you click on the campaign url, all data is recorded in the statistics. They can then be used to analyze, compare and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and traffic quality.

Tracking clicks, or a counter of click-throughs on a link, on your own web resource & ndash; will allow you to optimize it, attract more relevant traffic, increase efficiency and conversion.

To use the tracking platform for your own website, you need:

  • create a campaign in your account;
  • in the distribution rule add your site;
  • add campaign url to traffic sources (for example, advertisements, banners, posts in social networks, etc.).

When clicking on the link of this campaign, the user will be taken to your site, but all the data will be recorded in the tracker’s statistics.

Track link takes place online, which means you do not need to install additional programs, because FLASH.CLICK is a cloud platform.

Affiliate Link Tracking Features

When working with affiliate networks or individual offers directly, the tracking link is equally important. Affiliate tracking URLs & ndash; this is offer link tracking.

Using several affiliate networks or separate offers, it becomes difficult to track and evaluate the effectiveness. With the help of the FLASH.CLICK functionality, you can collect all the data in one place, on one platform, and thus bring everything into a single statistics.

You just need to create offers in your account and use them. You can add offers from different affiliate networks to one campaign, and thus test them, distribute traffic according to certain rules and conditions.

But most importantly,

R.S.L tracking URL will not allow you will be deceived by a dishonest advertiser or a bom visit!

We provide a full service for the price of one cup of a cafe! In exchange, you get a huge tool for full monitoring and control of visits and clicks on your links!